AriReda: Capturing Harmony

Stanley Widianto’s unedited article of AriReda’s concert.
Thank you, Stanley. Love it.

Two to Three Sounds


I argued in my review of AriReda’s recent album Menyanyikan Puisi that the album will give you “a reason to look up the words and poetry of Indonesian writers.” Again, AriReda doesn’t sing their own lyrics. They didn’t even compose most of their songs; they had help from musicians like Budiman Hakim, AGS Arya Dipayana and Umar Muslim. But that’s where the beauty of AriReda’s music sets in: With only their voices and a guitar, the duo introduces the public—or at least the audience at Teater Kecil—to some of Indonesia’s finest poetry and gives it a reason to linger.

We have a term for the kind of music that AriReda plays: musikalisasi puisi or basically adding music into already existing poems. As elementary students, Indonesians are used to this kind of drill; harmonizing vocals while we read poems in turn. Musikalisasi puisi, however, pales in comparison to other…

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